Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: What is the Family Fee?
  • The Family Fee is a one time a school year fee applied to any 5th through 8th grade family who has a child participating in a CYO activity.  A discount is offered for those who take part in the early registration period offered before each season.  In general, the family fee is used to update equipment and uniforms for all the teams while the individual sport costs are used to pay for league and official fees.  
  • Question: Are uniforms mine to keep?
  • No, current players do not own the uniforms they are borrowing them from next year's team.  Please take care of the uniforms (don't eat while wearing them), never clean with bleach and line dry.  There are multiple opportunities to purchase St Francis gear throught the year to show your Bruin Pride.
  • Question: How do I register my child?
  • First register an account using the following link: Register

    You will receive and email to activate your account.  Once you account is activated, login to the system using the login form in the upper right corner of the site. After a successfull login you will see links on the right side of the site named "My Account". Use the links in this section to complete the registration process.

    1. Add your children with the "Manage Children" link.
    2. Pick your sports using the "Sport Registration" link.
    3. Once you have selected all the sports for all the children you wish procceed to the "Manage Payments". This section will total up your fees and take your payment at PayPal.
  • Question: Who is eligible to participate?
  • Your child may participate in a St Francis of Assisi sport if one of the following is true:

    1) The child attends St Francis of Assisi school.                                                                                                                                                                                                               

    2)  You are a member of SFA Parish AND your child attends/is current with Religious Education Classes.  That is, in line to receive First Communion in 2nd grade and Confrimation in 6th.  7th and 8th graders need to have received Confirmation.  Religious Ed classes may be taken at other parishes.  Please note, participants in RCIA are not eligible till after they completed the program.

    3)  The child is a member of SFA but attends another Catholic School.  Please note, once a program is picked it must be followed all school year.  That is you can't play volleyball for SFA, basketball for the other school.

    Please note, parishioners from St Kevin are only eligible to play football at SFA as they are our appointed affiliate.  They are not eligible to play any other sport at SFA.